Error while trying to run python -m remo_app init

I am trying to run remo_app init and it fails with the lines
ERROR: failed to install psycopg2 pip package.

You can try to install it manually with pip install psycopg2

and then run again python -m remo_app init

but psycopg2 exists in my venv.

Hi @Sahana_Venkatesh

can you check in your venv, that you can do import psycopg2

as a workaround you can try to uninstall this package, and retry remo init

Psycopg is a PostgreSQL adapter for the Python programming language. It is a wrapper for the libpq, the official PostgreSQL client library.

here could be also issue with missing libpq

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Thanks libpq was missing. It works now

Great, you are welcome :slight_smile: