How to add class labels in bulk using a file?

Hi Team,
how to add class labels in bulk using a file? I see there is a option here

but it need me to add annotations which I am about to create. should uploading classes be a separate option?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @saivig!

If I understand correctly, you want to upload empty class labels that then you can use to annotate?

You are correct that the include class encoding option simply translates labels for classes found in the annotation file.

When using the UI, at present class labels are created automatically only as objects of that class are found in the annotation file.

You can however create an annotation set from code programmatically, and just pass a list of class labels: see here

If you are interested in doing it from the UI, we could definitely add an option to allow for it - but what’s your use case? Couldn’t you create an annotation set and add the classes manually?

Hi @andrea
Thanks for pointing me to

It would be better to give option at above screen to upload classes list . Currently I’m trying object detection annotation task with huge number of classes, creating new class while annotating is a huge drag down.

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A workaround based on the UI for this: you could try to upload a single image and an annotation file containing a fake object for each class label you want to add. This will pre-populate the list of class labels.

We will also look to add the option in the UI popup at some point. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: